“Radically loving each other

is the only everything

worth anything”

Aja Monet

I’ve stayed away from love rhetoric my entire life. I find it fluffy and unobtainable: it has always created shame in me for not loving enough, for not feeling loved enough (and who am I, that I need…

Detail of the shoulders of a crouched person barely visible against a stone backdrop
Ph. Natasha Gornik

On accountability, compassion, and the practice of brokenness

Can we build compassion that leaves us in awe of what people are carrying rather than in judgment of how they carry it?” Father G. Boyle

It’s been a few years now of powerful calling out of abuse and injustice, from the explosion of the #metoo movement right into this…

A simple drawing of a man making the shape of a heart with his body, red over white background
drawing by AkaB23

Anybody who’s not completely (and I’d say it would have to be voluntarily) oblivious is now looking into police brutality and racial injustice, and the amount of outrage is understandable (if arguably not sustainable) and encouraging. There are movies and documentaries and podcasts and articles all about this seemingly new…

Margherita Tisato

Margherita is a movement practitioner and a seeker of somatic wisdom. www.margheritatisato.com

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